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Reaefining Video Surveillance Management

Spectra Logic offers digital video storage products that provide customers with the most cost-effective solution for recording, retaining and retrieving their surveillance video.

Spectra's NVR3 TM video management solutions provide a no-compromise alternative to easily and affordably retain your video for the most demanding surveillance environments. NVR3 video surveillance solutions can either be used as a basic VMS system or can integrate into more sophisticated campus-wide or enterprise-wide solutions for video management throughout data's lifecycle—from recording to long-term retention to retrieval.

Spectra NVR3 solves the problem of costly disk-only video retention solutions with:

  • Software that lets you easily manage recording, retention and retrieval
  • Affordable disk for high-performance recording and retrieval
  • Digital tape for affordable, reliable long-term retention

Spectra NVR3 Appliance

The Spectra NVR3 appliance is an integrated video recording server, VMS software solution and video storage platform. NVR3 is compatible with leading VMS systems including Milestone Xprotect™, OnSSI Ocularis™ and Exacq exacqVision™. It provides complete video lifecycle management including:

Connect your IP cameras to a recording server running any one of several leading VMS packages. Then add the NVR3 appliance to seamlessly manage your video retention and retrieval. NVR3 can also be used as a basic stand-alone VMS system. When used in this mode, NVR3 provides IP camera administration and management, simultaneous live viewing from multiple cameras and multi-stream camera support.

Spectra's NVR3 appliance seamlessly transfers all recorded video from primary disk to cost-effective digital tape. NVR3 allows you to retain your original high-quality video—at full resolution and frame rate—as well as create redundant copies of the video and video database for backup protection. Spectra T-Series Digital Tape Libraries provide cost-effective, long-term video retention —and offer unlimited scalability as video storage needs expand.

Use the NVR3 easy-to-use search features and customizable metadata to quickly locate, view and manage video clips. For forensic purposes, you can export original video segments to one of many video formats.

Scales to Exabyte Storage

As your need for more cameras and video retention grows, Spectra's NVR3 VMS solutions easily scales with you. Add NVR3 VMS appliances to handle the additional video streams as you add additional cameras. As your video retention needs grow, add digital tape capacity for virtually unlimited video storage.

Spectra T-Series Digital Tape Libraries

T-Series Digital Tape libraries are the lowest cost, safest and most reliable way to retain surveillance video. T-Series expands from Terabytes to Exabytes, meeting the needs of the most demanding environments.

Retain More. Retain for Less. Retatin for Longer.

The long-term cost advantage of Spectra's NVR3 solution over conventional disk storage means not having to compromise.

Retain More:
Unlock your system's full potential by seamlessly capturing higher frame rates for full motion video and recording original full resolution video.

Retain for Less:
Most cost effective video retention at half the cost of disk-only solutions, with simplified purchase, installation, support, and lowest power and cooling costs.

Retain for Longer:
Retain video for months to years with the ability to easily scale from Terabytes to Exabytes and preserve original high-quality video as long as you need it—with redundant copies on multiple storage tiers.